La "fabbrica" di oreficeria e gioielleria dal 1904

The company

The brand “Chiesa” is synonymous with quality, reliability and seriousness.

Chiesa Mario di Stefano Chiesa & C. s.a.s.
Year of establishment: 1966
Number of employees: 10
Location: Valenza (AL), Italy,
via V. Morosetti 38
Trademark. 1447 AL

It guarantees prompt customer service both for the technical and aesthetic aspects in the design and manufacture of your valuable items.

The name, Chiesa Mario tells a story of passion, creativity, perseverance and dedication, 4 generations long. The Italian story of a family of goldsmiths, which, from the beginning of the 1900s passed down the tradition of high goldsmithing and jewelry ranging in specialties such as stone setting, engraving, coining, embossing, drawing, and goldsmith modeling.

Today, along with a pool of 10 internal expert collaborators, the brand continues to be an important reference for demanding customers in a constantly evolving market.

and prototyping

The brand "CHIESA" is able to guarantee right from the conception (based on the idea provided by the customer or by the internal team) up to the manufacture of the product, the most specialized technical support.


drawings or sketches of the products can be performed internally by hand or by modeling with the use of CAD (computer-aided design).


classic model in wax (handmade) or metal, or by a CAD model (also in reference to the file provided by the customer).


on the bench, turning, milling, coining, stamping, cutting, casting and engraving guilloche enameled at 800 ° C and miniature art.


prototypes, unique pieces, limited collections, serial production as well as customized semi-finished.

The production cycle

For the production, different technologies are adopted depending on the needs or requirements of the customer.

The brand “Chiesa” is able to achieve what you desire, either from a complete project presented by the client, or creating a precise solution starting from the presentation of a simple idea.

Furthermore, processing can be done on all kinds of gold (18, 14 and 9 kt in different colors), platinum, silver, titanium, and brass, other types of metals will be evaluated from time to time.

In addition, various types of embedding of stones are carried out, be it precious or semi-precious stones.

The finished product, before being delivered to the customer, will be subjected to a rigorous quality control.

The use of advanced machinery and highly skilled workforce ensures reduced realization times while maintaining constant and unchanged the high quality of production.


Great attention is paid to the protection of the confidentiality of the production, in the interest of customers. The brand “Chiesa” guarantees full protection of trademarks and stylistic originality of products, avoiding any phenomena of hardcopy of the modeling.


Chiesa Mario
di Stefano Chiesa & C. s.a.s.
Via V. Morosetti 38
15048 Valenza (AL), Italy
Tel. +39 0131 941768
Fax +39 0131 942102
P.IVA IT 01233710068